Transfer requirements

Under Section 19(2)(b) of the State Records Act 1997, the delivery of official records into the custody of State Records needs to be effected in accordance with arrangements approved by the Manager [Director], which may include arrangements as to the form in which records are to be delivered.

Transfer requirements are needed to ensure the ongoing preservation and accessibility of records in the custody of State Records. State Records minimum transfer requirements include:

  • a consignment can only be transferred to State Records once an appropriate agency and series registration has been established and the consignment has an access determination
  • State Records will only receive those records for which it has granted approval to transfer
  • a consignment received needs to be as described in the consignment list spreadsheet submitted – both unit and item detail is checked by an Archivist prior to transfer approval
  • only State Records boxes can be used
  • boxes need to be received in good condition with no damage
  • boxes cannot be over-filled or under-filled; leave approximately two finger-widths of space in the box
  • box lids need to be taped down using one piece of masking tape on the middle of the lid
  • boxes need to be labelled clearly in black marker with no crossed out corrections, sticky labels, or liquid paper (it is recommended that boxes be labelled in pencil until approval to transfer has been received)
  • boxes are required to be labelled as per examples available on the Preparing records for transfer page
  • records need to be in order and facing the same direction
  • documents need to be secured to files
  • records stored in lever arch folders need to be rehoused in files and documents secured with a tube-clip prior to transfer. Label information on the front or spine of lever arch folders needs to be photocopied and included at the front of the file
  • post-it notes, adhesive tape, or rubber bands cannot be included
  • bull dog-clips, paper clips, or metal fasteners also need to have been removed.

For further information about preparing records for transfer, including box suppliers and box labelling, see the Preparing records for transfer page.

Upon transfer records will be checked against these requirements by an Archivist. If records do not meet minimum requirements, State Records will either require an agency to take the records back for re-processing or invoice an agency for the time taken by an Archivist to re-process the records as per State Records' regulated fees and charges.

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