Transfers of records


State Records is in the process of developing an Archive Strategy that will outline how we intend to ensure the State’s archive is valued by South Australians, and is preserved and accessible in a sustainable way. The Strategy will define how transfers will be prioritised to meet these broad goals, and the intention is to consult broadly on the Strategy when a draft is released later this year.


While we work towards preparing the Strategy for consultation, we are placing on hold any new requests to transfer records which are less than 15 years old. We are also prioritising transfer requests in the existing queue which are for records older than 15 years. New and existing requests to transfer consignments which contain records both older and younger than 15 years are being assessed on a case by case basis.


Local government agencies have previously been advised that due to the update of GDS 20, we are prioritising the transfer of full council (and council committee) agenda, reports and minutes, and rate assessment books which are older than 15 years. This continues to be the case.


State Records has provided a global exemption, enabling agencies to store permanent records younger than 15 years with Approved Service Providers (ASPs).


We are also now reviewing our transfer processes, to ensure that they are easy for agencies to use. You can expect to see some changes to our processes in this area over the next few months.


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