Transferring permanent records

In accordance with Part 6 of the State Records Act, State Records receives transfers of official permanent records from South Australian State and Local Government agencies and authorities.

This is done in line with arrangements approved by the Director, State Records, and administered by the Archives team. Before records are transferred to the custody of State Records there are a number of questions to consider:
• are the records required for current administrative use?
• are the records administrative or operational?
• if the records are administrative, have the records been sentenced using a General Disposal Schedule (GDS)?
• if the records are operational, does your agency have a current and approved Operational Records Disposal Schedule/s (RDS)?
• having sentenced the records, are they permanent?

Once it has been determined that your agency has inactive and permanent records that are sentenced using a current and approved disposal schedule, there are a number of steps involved before transfer of records can occur. These steps are broadly described by the following flowchart.

N.B. This flowchart is not a comprehensive depiction of the transfer process and should not be read as such.



If you have questions about transferring permanent records, email the Archive Team, providing information about the type and quantity of records that you have, date range, system of arrangement of the records, and the disposal schedule that makes the records permanent. An Archivist will contact you with further enquiries or to provide you with advice.

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