Terms and conditions of loan

Only an authorised agency user may request records for loan, and an authorised agency user may only request records from series for which their agency is responsible. This reduces the risk of release of official records to unauthorised personnel.

The nomination of an authorised agency user  must be approved by a Records Manager or Senior Manager, preferably a Manager with responsibility for records.

Responsibilities of the Records Manager or Senior Manager

The agency Records Manager or Senior Manager is responsible for:

  • ensuring that a system is in place to track the location of official records on loan from State Records
  • informing State Records when an authorised agency user is no longer employed by the agency or ceases to act as the authorised agency user.

Responsibilities of the authorised agency user

The authorised agency user is responsible for ensuring that records loaned are returned to State Records:

  • before the end of the loan period, or as negotiated with State Records
  • in the same condition they were in when they left State Records' custody.

Conditions of loan

Records will only be loaned to agencies under the following conditions.

Loan period is 90 days. Return dates are printed on the name/address labels found on the records.  If agencies need to retain a record for longer than 90 days, the agency must negotiate an extension before the end of the loan period. For more information see Returns and overdue loans.

Longer processing times may apply where an agency makes more than one urgent request in a single day, requests more than 20 items, submits a request without adequate descriptive information, or requests items held at State Records' Collinswood repository.  Additional charges apply to urgent retrievals of records stored at State Records' Collinswood repository.

Records are retrieved from State Records' Collinswood repository on a weekly basis, unless the request is urgent. Requests must be received prior to 3.30pm Friday to be retrieved on Monday, or the request will be fulfilled the following week.

If a requested record has already been issued to an agency, charges still apply.

Records must be returned in the container/package in which they were received.

Agencies must not alter records on loan in any way:

  • documents must not be added, removed or substituted with copies
  • file numbers, file titles, or document contents must not be changed
  • records must not be marked in any way
  • files must not be taken apart
  • documents must remain in their original order and are not to be re-arranged
  • self-stick notes such as post-it notes must not be affixed to the files or documents
  • barcode labels remain intact and must not be removed from bags or boxes containing records, and no other labels may be placed on the records.

These conditions are to ensure that:
• original context and the physical condition of the record are preserved (otherwise records may be more difficult to track, and may become more difficult to locate and access in the future)
• disposal action of the records remains the same (altering or adding records after transfer may change the disposal action)
• the applicable public access determination of the records remains the same (altering or adding records after transfer may change the access determination period that is applicable).

Please note that under the State Records Act, agency officers responsible for official records in their custody may be liable for a fine or imprisonment if the record/s is damaged, altered, disposed of, lost or removed from official custody.

If a file needs to be re-activated for agency use, contact the Archive Team, providing GRS, consignment and unit numbers, and item details, and an Archivist will provide advice about how to de-accession the record fron the collection. This service may incur a fee as per State Records' regulated fees and charges.

If a record requires repair or other conservation treatment, contact the Archive Team, providing details about the records and the conservation issue. Advice will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Information about the responsibilities of authorised agency users and the conditions of loan can be found in the Management and Care of Records on Loan to Agencies Standard.

Collection of loans

Records requested for loan will be available for pick-up by DX or private couriers, Monday – Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm, from:

State Records
Gepps Cross Repository
115 Cavan Road
Gepps Cross SA 5094

If records are not being sent by DX, the authorised agency user must complete the section on the Loan Request form giving permission for their nominated courier or agency representative to collect the records. If the person collecting the records is an agency representative, they must produce identification on request prior to receiving the records.

The courier or agency representative collecting the records should report to the loading bay doors at the rear of the Gepps Cross repository, and must sign the paperwork to indicate that the records have been collected and are no longer in State Records’ custody.

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