Temp Classes in GDS 15 converted to GDS 30 (V1.1)

Summary of Temporary Disposal Classes in GDS 15 (8th Edition) Converted to Permanent in GDS 30 (Version 1.1)

Agencies need to note that there are a number of records where the retention period has changed from temporary under GDS 15 (8th Edition) to permanent under GDS 30. State Records has developed a table summarising these changes. The table can be found at http://government.archives.sa.gov.au/content/general-disposal-schedules#GDS30

If agencies still hold any of the records that have changed from temporary to permanent under GDS 30 and these are now 15 years old or no longer in current administrative use, it is advised that these need to be transferred to the custody of State Records in accordance with s19 of the State Records Act.

For collection management and transfer enquiries, please contact the Collection Management Services team.

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