Security and Accessibility

Adequate Records Management - Outcome 5: Records are secure and accessible as appropriate

Agencies must ensure that official records are protected from unauthorised or unlawful access, and that measures are in place to prevent loss, damage and destruction. This must be balanced with the need for official records to be readily accessible to authorised persons.

The security of records is essential to ensuring their reliability, integrity and evidential value. Agencies must understand the sensitivity of the records they hold, so that security classifications and measures which should be applied to systems, physical locations and staff members can be correctly identified and applied.

The efficient delivery of services is reliant on timely access to records. It is therefore important that agencies balance security requirements against the need for easy and appropriate access to records for business and legislative purposes. Achieving this balance should be the result of a process which defines and documents security and access requirements across the entire agency.

For further information on secondary storage of records and ASPs (approved service providers), see Storage.


Management and Care of Records on Loan to Agencies V1 (PDF 105KB)


Administrative Release of Information V2 (PDF 208KB)

Public Access Determinations V2.4 (PDF 155KB)

Recordkeeping Advice Sheets

RK052 - ARM – Security and Accessibility V1 (PDF 65KB)


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