Agency loan requests

Records that have been transferred to State Records should be inactive, closed and no longer required for administrative use.  If an agency has a need to request records for loan for reference purposes, State Records offers a secure agency loan request service.  The loan request service is subject to State Records’ regulated fees and charges.

Where the DX mailing system is used to deliver records to agencies, parcels weighing 5kgs+ incur a charge levied by TOLL Priority.  This fee will be recharged to the agency.  Loan Services staff will work to ensure that records sent via DX are under 5kg, however this will not always be possible.

Only an authorised agency user may request records for loan, and that authorised agency user may only request records from series for which their agency is responsible.  Further information about the responsibilities of authorised agency users and conditions of loan can be found in the attached document - Conditions of Loan.

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