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State Records' catalogue, ArchivesSearch, can be used to search for records in State Records' custody.

Nominated Authorised Agency Users can use their UserID to log in and search for:

  • Restricted and unrestricted records responsible to your agency, and
  • Unrestricted records responsible to other agencies

The methods of searching include:

  • Keyword Search - use names or file numbers to search over multiple series and consignments simultaneously
  • Direct Search - access a specific series or consignment and relevant date/file ranges
  • Search in a Series - use names or file numbers to search within a specific series

For assistance with searching and ordering, you can access help pages within ArchivesSearch, or you can contact State Records on 08 8343 6800, or email srsaarchivalservices@sa.gov.au

If you have forgotten your log in details, please phone the Loan Services Team on 8343 6806 or email srsaLoanServices@sa.gov.au

If you are having other difficulties accessing the catalogue site, the following guide may assist.

Access to ArchivesSearch using Windows Internet Explorer Browsers

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