Operational Records Disposal Schedules (RDS)

An Operational Records Disposal Schedule (RDS) is used to sentence and subsequently dispose of official records relating to functions and activities specific/unique to an agency, eg:

  • Ambulance Operations performed by SA Ambulance Service
  • Collection Development carried out by the State Library of South Australia
  • Rural Industry Assistance managed by Primary Industries and Regions SA.

An RDS is determined by the Manager [Director], State Records and approved by the State Records Council (SRC) in accordance with sections 23-24 of the State Records Act. 

An RDS allows an agency to legally:

  • destroy temporary value operational records once they have reached their documented retention period and
  • transfer permanent value records to the custody of State Records once they are 15 years old or no longer required for current administrative purposes, whichever occurs sooner.

For further information on the destruction of temporary records see government.archives.sa.gov.au/content/destruction-process and for the transfer of permanent records see government.archives.sa.gov.au/content/transfer.

For information on the RDS development and approval process, please see government.archives.sa.gov.au/content/developing-rds

Below is a selection of current approved RDS’ (arranged alphabetically by agency).



RDS number

Approval Date

Expiry Date

Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (AAR) - Department of State Development

RDS 2015/10 V1
(PDF 1.4MB)
20 October 201530 June 2025
Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

RDS 2016/13 V1
(PDF 1.48MB)


8 November 201631 October 2026

Auditor-General's Department

RDS 2012/23 V1
(PDF 737KB)

20 August 201330 June 2024

Commissioner for Victims' Rights

RDS 2015/09

21 June 201630 June 2026

Construction Industry Training Board

RDS 2014/07 V1
19 April 201630 June 2026

Consumer and Business Services -
Attorney-General’s Department

RDS 2012/13 V1
(PDF 825KB)

18 June 2013

30 June 2023

Department for Correctional Services (DCS)

RDS 2015/08 V2
(PDF 1.4MB)
8 November 201631 October 2026

Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure

RDS 2010/12 V1
(PDF 118MB)

7 June 201130 June 2021

Disability and Domiciliary Care -
Department of Communities and Social Inclusion

RDS 2011/27 V1 
(PDF 1.1MB)

26 February 2013

30 June 2023

Education Adelaide

RDS 2013/15 V1
(PDF 536KB)
16 December 201430 June 2025
Education Standards Board of South AustraliaRDS 2016/14 V1
(PDF 596KB)
20 December 201631 December 2026

Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (EDBC)

RDS 2015/25 V1
(PDF 1.04MB)

21 June 201630 June 2026
Environment and Natural Resources, Department ofRDS 2011/05 V1
(PDF 1.4MB)
11 October 201130 June 2022

Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (FERU) - Attorney General's Department

RDS 2015/13 V1
(PDF 1.04MB)

15 December 201530 June 2025

Forensic Science SA -
Attorney General's Department

RDS 2012/14 V1
(PDF 596KB)
26 February 201330 June 2023

Government Services Group - Service SA -
Department of the Premier and Cabinet

RDS 2011/06 V1 
(PDF 484KB)
18 December 201230 June 2023

Health Services Charitable Gifts Board

RDS 2014/10 V1 
(PDF 928KB)
20 October 201530 June 2025

Housing SA -
Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

RDS 2011/24 V1
(PDF 1.4MB)
19 June 201230 June 2022

Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) and
including Office for Public Integrity (OPI)

RDS 2013/16 V1
(PDF 519KB)

15 April 2014

30 June 2024

Judicial Conduct Commissioner (JCC)

RDS 2016/26 V1
(PDF 426KB)

14 February 201728 February 2027

Justice of the Peace Services -
Attorney-General’s Department

RDS 2011/04 V1 
(PDF 699KB)

12  April 2011

30 June 2021

Lands, Vehicle Registration and Licensing - Land Services Group -
Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

RDS 2011/11 V1 
19 June 201230 June 2022

Lessor Corporations 

RDS 2014/26 V1
(PDF 1.08MB)

16 June 201530 June 2025

Lifetime Support Authority - Participant Care

RDS 2015/05 V1
(PDF 935KB)

15 December 201530 June 2025
Local Government Association of South AustraliaRDS 2012/03 V1
(PDF 611KB)
18 December 201230 June 2022

Ombudsman SA -
Office of the South Australian Ombudsman

RDS 2012/12 V1
(PDF 419KB)
16 April 201330 June 2023

Organisational Performance Division -
Attorney-General’s Department

RDS 2010/03 V1
(PDF 842KB)

12 April 2011

30 June 2021

Records of the South Australian railways,
1850-1998 (Islington Plan Room Collection)

RDS 2014/06 V1
(PDF 761KB)
15 April 201430 June 2024

Return to Work SA

RDS 2014/20 V1
(PDF 907KB)
17 February 201530 June 2025

Public Transport Services Division (PTS) -
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

RDS 2013/22 V1
(PDF 975KB)

14 October 201430 June 2025

SA Ambulance Service

RDS 2012/10 V1
(PDF 716KB)

26 February 201330 June 2023

SACE Board of South Australia

RDS 2015/15 V1
(PDF 1.13MB)
8 November 201631 October 2026
SafeWork SA

RDS 2017/04 V1

(PDF 718 KB)

13 June 201730 June 2027

South Australian Asset -
Management Corporation

RDS 2011/15 V1
(PDF 439KB)

6 December 2011

30 June 2022

South Australian Government Radio Network -
Attorney General’s Department

RDS 2013/04 V1 
(PDF 832KB)

16 December 2014

30 June 2024

South Australian Film Corporation

RDS 2011/02 V1
(PDF 615KB)

13 September 2011

30 June 2022

State Procurement Board and predecessor Boards

RDS 2015/24 V1
(PDF 496KB)

16 August 201630 June 2026

State Office -
Department for Education and Child Development

RDS 2014/01 V1
(PDF 1019KB)
14 October 201430 June 2019

Surveyors Board of South Australia

RDS 2012/02 V1
(PDF 519KB)

18 December 2012

30 June 2022

Disclaimer – The above is not an exhaustive list of current RDS’ and is provided for information only. These copies of RDS’ are not to be used for sentencing purposes. Agency staff or consultants involved in sentencing records need to refer to the departmental/agency records manager to obtain a copy of the authorised RDS. Agency staff or consultants intending to develop a new or review an existing RDS need to refer to government.archives.sa.gov.au/content/developing-rds and contact Government Recordkeeping for advice.

Members of the public wanting general information regarding the retention and disposal of official records can find further information here http://government.archives.sa.gov.au/content/disposal. Specific records retention and disposal queries can be directed to the departmental/agency records manager of the relevant agency.

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