Non-paper records

Under section 13 of the State Records Act, agencies have a responsibility to maintain their official records so that they remain accessible and useable for as long as required. State Records’ repositories do not meet the physical criteria for the storage of unstable media such as audio and video tape and magnetic media such as computer disks. Therefore State Records is currently unable to accept transfers of these records.

In the case of official records that are stored on CD or DVD, this medium is not considered adequate for permanent records. Documents stored on CD or DVD should be printed and filed, or your agency should retain the records and actively migrate to new formats before the medium becomes obsolete.

State Records does not currently have a digital repository, and is therefore unable to accept official records in electronic format. If your agency uses a non-approved Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) or business system without the required recordkeeping functionality, it is recommended that electronic records be printed and filed before being transferred into storage. This allows the records to be accessible in the future and avoids the problem of records becoming inaccessible due to changes in software applications. If it is not possible to capture a complete and accurate record by printing and filing, an agency needs to maintain and manage these records in electronic form.

For further information about Electronic Document and Records Management Systems, see EDRMS FAQ.

If you have records in non-paper format, i.e. computer tapes, discs, microfilm, microfiche, photographs, films, audio and video tapes, contact the Archive Team, providing details of the records including their format, and the series to which they belong. Advice will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

If you have photographs, slides or negatives, store them in archivally-sound albums and sleeves. These are available from commercial archival suppliers like Albox or Archival Survival.

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