Monitoring and Reviewing

Adequate Records Management - Outcome 3: Records management is monitored and reviewed

Agencies must monitor and review their records management performance in order to ensure progressive improvement. Key performance information must be reported to senior management, who must ensure it is reviewed and acted on regularly.

Assessment and audit of agencies' records management systems, tools, practices and resources is an important aspect of achieving adequate records management.

A regular reporting regime should be implemented to enable the monitoring and reviewing of records management performance within an agency.

Records Management Assessment Survey

State Records conducts an online Assessment Survey every four years to survey and monitor South Australian government agencies and authorities in regards to the improvement of their records management practices.

The Survey allows State Records to meet its legislative requirements under the State Records Act 1997. Section 15 of the Act authorises State Records to conduct surveys, and directs agencies to cooperate in undertaking those surveys. The Survey results allow Section 16 of the Act to be satisfied, where the Director of State Records must report on inadequate records management practices to the Minister.

An improvement in records management practices allows agencies and authorities to better service the public and results in better decision making and administrative efficiency. By examining the results of the survey, agencies and authorities can pinpoint the gaps in their records management practices and work towards improvement of these areas.

Survey results from state and local government agencies give a comprehensive picture of the state of records management practices in South Australia.

The 2014 Assessment Survey has been issued with responses due back to State Records by 28 February 2015.  For further information please contact Government Recordkeeping


Recordkeeping Advice Sheets

RK049 - ARM – Monitoring and Reviewing V1 (PDF 67KB)


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