Destruction Process

Destruction process for temporary records

Temporary value records do not have enduring (or archival) value and may be destroyed at the end of a retention period as determined by a records disposal schedule approved by the State Records Council.

The approval for the destruction of temporary official records is the responsibility of agencies.  Agencies are not required to forward an Intention to Destroy Reports Report (ITDRR) to State Records for approval to destroy official records.  A destruction guideline and checklist has been developed to assist with the agency approval process.

Preparing Records for Destruction Approval

The first step in preparing records for detruction is to ensure that your agency engages in recordkeeping practices that result in records that are complete, accurate, reliable and controlled. Agencies must ensure that their recordkeeping practices are supported by the necessary tools and resources. At a minimum, it is recommended that agencies have the following tools/resources to support records destruction:

  • a corporately approved disposal program
  • internal agency specific destruction approval policy and procedure as defined in the disposal program - ideally this should include templates for destruction reports and approvals
  • a recordkeeping system or Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) that has the ability to report on records due for destruction
  • an approved current Records Disposal Schedule approved by the State Records Council to sentence the operational records of the agency
  • access to General Disposal Schedules available on State Records website
  • a Records Officer skilled in sentencing and disposal principles
  • an Authorised Officer to approve destruction of records due for destruction.

Destruction of Official Records - Agency Approval Process (388KB)

Please contact your agency Records Manager for advice or contact Government Recordkeeping at State Records


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