Arranging transfer of records

When a consignment list spreadsheet has been checked and loaded into the archival database by an Archivist, your agency will be contacted to arrange a date for transfer. Records will not be accepted without approval or consent from State Records.

After you have received a confirmation date you may label the boxes in permanent marker.

Agencies are required to arrange transport of their records to the Gepps Cross repository (or if applicable, the Collinswood repository – you will be advised if this is the case). All boxes within a consignment must be delivered at one time. If changes to a consignment are necessary, your agency must advise the Archive Team as soon as possible after submitting the consignment list spreadsheet, and well before a date of transfer has been arranged. State Records allocates space within the repository for each consignment based on the expected number of boxes.

When boxes arrive, an Archivist will check the boxes to ensure that:
• the physical records and the consignment list match
• the records have been prepared as per requirements
• the boxes are labelled appropriately.

Consignments that do not meet transfer requirements may be returned to your agency at your expense for correction, or your agency may be invoiced, as per State Records’ regulated fees and charges, for the time taken by an Archivist to re-process the records.

State Records will not accept responsibility for the records until the boxes are on the repository shelves and the consignment has been checked and meets transfer requirements.

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