Agency registration

Agencies are registered as part of the transfer process to document:

  • who created or maintained the records (agency recording), and
  • who is now responsible for the records (agency responsible).

Before you complete an agency registration form, search the online archival catalogue, ArchivesSearch, to see whether the agency has already been registered. A Government Agency (GA) number indicates the agency has been registered.

How to register an agency

To register an agency, complete an Agency Registration form. The completed form should be emailed to the Archive team.

Information to include on an agency registration form:
• when the agency was established, and abolished (if applicable)
• predecessor and successor agencies
• legislative framework – legislation that established the agency or which was administered by the agency
• functions carried out by the agency
• relationships to other agencies, including any reporting relationships that may exist
• events of significance that occurred during the life of the agency
• location of the agency, if it is of significance to the function of the agency.

When the agency has been registered in the archival database, a Government Agency (GA) number will be issued.

If you are unsure about whether an agency should be registered, contact the Archive Team.

What is an agency?

Agencies are defined in the State Records Act 1997 and include:

  • State Government departments and units
  • statutory bodies
  • public schools
  • local councils
  • Ministers offices
  • courts and tribunals
  • the Governor
  • other bodies established for a public purpose.

Why register an agency?

By registering agencies we are able to:
• provide a greater understanding of records by establishing the organisational context in which the records were created and
• enable the loan of records by linking them to the agencies that are responsible for them and
• assist researchers to interpret the context and significance of the records to their research.

Agency name and administrative change

When an agency changes its name, it does not necessarily mean that it needs to be registered as a completely new agency. When a name change or administrative change occurs, contact the Archive team.

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