Adequate Records Management Framework

Adequate Records Management Framework

The Adequate Records Management Framework (the Framework) is an overarching regime for State and Local Government agencies within South Australia. It comprises a range of South Australian Government approved standards, guidelines, policies and recordkeeping advice sheets.

The Framework is an outcome-based regime for the records management practices of all State and Local Government agencies. The Framework outlines the minimum requirements that agencies need to meet and, ideally, exceed to achieve best practice records management.

The Framework has been developed with reference to the Australian Standard for Records Management, AS ISO 15489-2002.

There are six business and operational outcomes within the Framework. These outcomes are measured by benchmarks that records management programs need to achieve in order to be considered adequate.  These are:

  • Records management is planned
  • Records management is resourced
  • Records management is monitored and reviewed
  • Records are created, captured and controlled
  • Records are secure and accessible as appropriate
  • Records disposal is managed


South Australian Government Records Management Strategy V2 (PDF 176kb)

Adequate Records Management Standard V3 (PDF 518kb)


Introduction to the State Records Act 1997 Guideline V1.4 (PDF 124kb)


State Records Act 1997 (PDF 53kb)


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