Review of GDS 20 (5th edition)

Review of GDS 20 (5th edition) for Local Government Records in South Australia

GDS 20 is issued in accordance with section 23 of the State Records Act 1997 and is intended to apply to all administrative and operational records made or received by all Local Government agencies in South Australia. The use of GDS 20 is an important aspect of compliance by Local Government agencies with the State Records Act and is a core component of an agency’s disposal program.

A major review of GDS 20 has not been conducted since 2009. The current edition expires on 31 December 2016.

State Records has a responsibility to ensure that GDS 20, as a legal instrument, is:

  • •accurate and comprehensive
  • •reflects legislative requirements relating to recordkeeping
  • •reflects current appraisal objectives and
  • •usable by and relevant to agencies in relation to both hardcopy and electronic records.

As part of its 2015-16 business planning, State Records has determined that it will, within existing resources, conduct a review of GDS 20 (5th edition) in consultation with stakeholders.

We have provided a fact sheet on the current schedule below.

GDS 20 Fact Sheet (PDF 61KB)

There will be further opportunities for stakeholder consultation during the review process with the initial period having concluded on Thursday 24 March 2016.

A first draft of GDS 20 6th edition will be provided for stakeholder comment in mid 2016. 

It is intended that GDS 20 (6th edition) will be submitted to the approving body, the State Records Council, at its 20 December 2016 meeting.

Until GDS 20 (6th Edition) is approved, GDS 20 (5th Edition) continues to apply.

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